Do you want to conduct a Talk/Nutritional workshop/Seminar in your school or society?

We, at Diet Dr Clinic, truly believe that knowledge is wealth. We understand that only by learning about health and nutrition, can one take proper steps in improving habits and lifestyles to achieve good, long-term health. Through our special health/nutrition talks, workshops, seminars and camps, we aim to spread awareness and educate the masses about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet in tackling weight issues, clinical illnesses, lifestyle disorders and maintaining general well-being.

Our sessions usually consist of live demos, health games and challenges that both engage and educate the audience. We stress on adapting each session to suit the audience and the local culture in order to make the information relevant and useful for all involved. Do you want to conduct a Health Talk, Nutritional Workshop, Seminar or Camp in your organisation, school, society or club?

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